Yes, we are constantly improving the software.  We value your feedback and feel that the best way to improve the software is to listen to our customers.

Every transction is recorded with the cashier’s login, location, and customer ID.  Summary reports and detail reports are availiable on the client terminal and the web portal.

Yes.  Truckstop rewards integrates with our VIP Rewards system.  Your locations,  truckstops and casinos are linked and points can be used at any location. The customer can acquire points by buying fuel and then spend points in the casino.  Customers can also acquire points in the casino and then spend the points  on merchadise in the store.

When diesel is purchased, the cashier swipes the customer’s membership card. The cashier enters the gallons purchased and the receipt number.

Yes, having an active internet connection allows us to store the data on a remote server. This has several advantages over local storage (stored on the local computer) such as the possibility of many location groups sharing a single point pool. All data is encrypted before sent over the internet.

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